Monday, January 25, 2010

shred alert

hey all, i'm doing the cascade cream puff july 11, 2010 if anyone's up for 100 miles of
shredding in the dope forest of oakridge. or at least lots of rad training rides. uh hum, damien, i hear you just set yourself up with some fat tires. wooo hooo!


  1. I'll join you on the training rides in about month. Coach Nate has me benched until I've fully healed from all the holidays mishaps. I'm in the fitness room with my trainer at the moment - so if I went on a ride now, I'd only slow you down. I need to get back up to speed. I think Damien and James would be in immediately. Especially James. And maybe Erin from the GL.

  2. Yeah, I'm in. I need some road miles first. My lungs have been full of crap since fall. 100 miles, I might need a shock.