Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Site visit number 20!

Today we celebrate our twentieth visit. Most likely all team members, and probably a free internet station at Umpqua Bank or the library. Or it's just me every time I post a new blog. We rule.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Griz's left pedal cruises in to a lucky 7th finish.

It was a good day for the team. Although only one person raced, the spirit of everyone was there(you see, over the course of the past month I broke into all my teammate's homes while they were sleeping and bottled up a bit of the spirits because I knew not everyone could make it to every race. It's for the best). There was a rag tag crew for the Motordome's maiden cross voyage. It dragged Joel Metz(living legend), Matt and Clair(suck it spell check) Case, William Laubends, Kimberlyn Penrose(who needs to return Claire's(not Clair's) phone calls), Griz, Sir Thaddeus Bamford, and your's truly out to gather snacks en route to some school in some area not known as Portland. Most importantly it took Griz's left Time ATAC pedal.

The pedal was looking good, all new and matte/shiny like. It hadn't been contaminated by cyclocross filth. As soon as I clipped in near the back of the field, I could feel its presence. It had a firm grip. It was smooth and pure. My right foot was a little jealous. It would be frantically trying to keep pace the whole race.

After some number confusion(I'd been issued the wrong classification number), we took off in a soft glow of glory. There was some people up front who got a clear path through the opening off camber chicane. Then there was the left ATAC, the rest of the field effectively holding in its reigns. After some straight aways, things were looking good. Although the front runners had gotten a sizable and relatively unobstructed lead, the pedal was plowing steadily along towards the front.

Things were not all roses though, as the left pedal's superiority took me to the ground. It was a subtle reminder of how powerful new cleat and new spring tension chemistry can be. After the giant staircase run up, on lap one, I tried to mount and pedal through the top section and only got one foot in before losing momentum and needed to dismount to run it instead. But this wouldn't be so easy, and lefty dumped me gently into some bramble.

All in all, with some fast bank turns and a good amount of passing room, things worked out well. The pedal had crept up to a solid 7th place by the time things were said and done. It could have been any number of other factors, but I know the truth. If only I had both pedals. We can only wonder.

For sure though, I think I'll try to run a freewheel more this year. Last year, running fixed bit me in the ass a few times. Rainier was a similar course to Barlow, and I wished I had the set up at Rainier as I had yesterday. I think I also managed to find a way to keep my wheel from its chronic slipping and chain denial issues. Cross Crusade is almost here, and there will be more than double, if not triple, the participants. Getting a top ten will be much more difficult, and I can't wait to see if I can make it happen.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crush with Us

Damian wailed today... but I'll let him sing my praises and how my pedal saved us all. Look closely, right there... can you see it, my pedal, right there beneath his left Sidi, saving us, and the world, from nuclear annihilation. It's quite the story.It could not have been a better day for Motordome. It hauled Matt & Claire, Joel, Will, Damian, Kim, myself, and many many snacks to the Battle at Barlow. And it brought home Tad as well. Motordome also made a profit of $3 dollars today. Motorho... Darn it!

Last Days of Summer

While the Motordome was making its first appearance at a cross race for the season (Battle at Barlow) Bobby, myself, and our newest team member Rachel went for a road ride. With probably the most ripping weather for such a ride, we met in northeast for coffee at 9 and headed out. Ended up deciding on the Sandy River loop-headed out Marine Dr, through Troutdale, then along the river for awhile until we started climbing. ugh. Descending, of course is always amazing; especially on a perfect day, not too hot-screaming downhill shaded by all the trees with a huge smile. Pleasantly reminded me as to why I've been here almost 7 years, and can't really think of anywhere else in this country that feels worthy of living in...we are spoiled rotten, and I love it. I had some slight mechanicals, and had to dismount at the top of a climb-no biggie. Rachel is a effing strong rider, and climbs effortlessly. Bobby has an eagle eye for fruit trees-forever thinking of fuel. We stopped in to Barlow around 12:30, said hellos to a few heads, cruised the parking lot but didn't run into the Motordome...ah, well-and we were on our way with magical dreams of burritos and a beer. This truly was an amazing day for four hours in the saddle on a great road ride, but knowing that this most likely was one of the very last beautiful days we'll see for awhile is a little hard to swallow...eat it up yall!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


While some of us we're out galavanting across the countryside, others were at the HUB Biketoberfest! trying to raise Motordome awareness. The Milholland corner was indeed the place to be. Lots of beer, snacks, and friends. Please check out Greg's website (milhollandcycles.com) for more amazing photos. Photo credits to Ammon.


This Saturday the 26th of September. Damian's front yard. From 9-4.
718 NE 20th (at Irving, just south of I-84). And BBQ afterwards!

Mini Motordome debuts in sputtering effort

The Checka, now known as Mini Motordome, hauled two tired fools out to Alpenrose for the first race since crushing(empty beer cans) in Durango at the SSWC. For two laps all was right with the world, but the day's heat and work had worn Bobby thin and he tweeted me to inform of his withdrawal, and set his sights on training for next week while vowing to quit smoking(do you see what I just did Bobby?). I was semi killing it and passed some peeps comming off the back, but after dropping a chain seven times, I just wanted to hang out with Bobby.

But all was not lost, as good times were had running to the start with 10 seconds to spare, spending 30 minutes messing with MM's headlights, seeing a lot of friendly faces out there enjoying themselves, and informing Bobby of a vegan burrito truck he somehow didn't know of yet.

Well, the wheel slippage has been solved, I hope. And for the first race ever for my night's trusty sidekick, he figured a lot out and was all smiles afterward. He rode great in Durango, so he'll do well in cross. After some serious road miles and possibly running freewheels, next week is looking up.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SSWC09 Durango, ColoRADo

Roll film
September 17th-20th, Durango, CO played host to the Single Speed World Chumpionships. There was good times waiting for three roadworthy souls from Portland. A faithful off duty 1979 Checker cab filled to just over 1/3 maximum occupancy, which included a Bobby, a Rachel, and a me, headed out to find those good times and form an abusive-dependant relationship that would prove to be a whirlwind of a weeklong affair.

PhotobucketTop of Mesa Verde
We drove 25 hours in, had beer for breakfast, met a camera crew and recreated our arrival into town, then set up camp at Darcy's place(Dr. Doom's equally amazing girlfriend), and things just snowballed. We met friends from Portland, SF(Nice Tim(e) and Ian, who rode from there), Utah, Seattle, and plenty more. We helped set up the art exhibit at Ska Brewery, slept at a leservation where Doom lives, met a lot of great and passionate people, and of course, rode some sweet trails.
Durango CycleryPhil's World, heading back to Durango
There were double rainbows, goats, more double rainbows while drinking beer in a hot tub during a light downpour with only three visible houses for miles in front of a mountainous backdrop, trails, falling, more trails, a karaoke competition with a set of big air jumps off to the side, basketball, cliff dwellings, free beer, llamas, a costume dance party, river time, more beer, helping with some setup while drinking more beer, riding trails, polo, a handbuilt bike show, and lots more.
If you weren't there, you blew it. But maybe you'll wise up for next year's event in New Zealand. I know I'll be there.

Blind Date!

Blind Date! at Alpenrose.

What could be more romantic than spending the evening under the lights at Alpenrose? How about spending the evening at Alpenrose riding through the mud with a few hundred other people? The Blind Date starts Wednesday September 23rd at 5 PM. at the Alpenrose Dairy in Portland, Oregon. This four week series will be contested on lit courses in the dark and is fully sanctioned by the Oregon Bike Racing Association.

This will be a cyclocross course with grass, meadow, dirt, gravel, asphalt, run ups, barriers and quick changes in direction. The course will be properly illuminated for cyclocross racing, but not floodlit like PGE park at night. Feel free to use a bike light and or helmet light if you want supplemental lighting. The toddler cross and kiddie cross at 5 pm will be on easier sections of the course.


5:00 pm Kiddie cross (no parents on course) and Toddler Cross. (parents may run along)
5:10 pm Juniors. (30 minute race)
6:00 pm Category C men and women. (45 minute race)
6:50 pm Category B, Men and Women. and Single Speed (45 minute race)
7:45 pm Category A Men and Women. (1 hr. race)


Habitat for Humanity

I really feel that the Motordome needs one of two bumper stickers, or both. A Habitat for Humanity or Housing is a Human Right. If you have one, let us know. Thanks!

Gold Sprints at Rotture

Insert commentary by Joel about why this should not be called a Gold Sprint. And here we have James and Damian go head to head in the first round.

Motordome Kits

We are a just a few short weeks away from having our kits. It's been an ordeal.