Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Days of Summer

While the Motordome was making its first appearance at a cross race for the season (Battle at Barlow) Bobby, myself, and our newest team member Rachel went for a road ride. With probably the most ripping weather for such a ride, we met in northeast for coffee at 9 and headed out. Ended up deciding on the Sandy River loop-headed out Marine Dr, through Troutdale, then along the river for awhile until we started climbing. ugh. Descending, of course is always amazing; especially on a perfect day, not too hot-screaming downhill shaded by all the trees with a huge smile. Pleasantly reminded me as to why I've been here almost 7 years, and can't really think of anywhere else in this country that feels worthy of living in...we are spoiled rotten, and I love it. I had some slight mechanicals, and had to dismount at the top of a climb-no biggie. Rachel is a effing strong rider, and climbs effortlessly. Bobby has an eagle eye for fruit trees-forever thinking of fuel. We stopped in to Barlow around 12:30, said hellos to a few heads, cruised the parking lot but didn't run into the Motordome...ah, well-and we were on our way with magical dreams of burritos and a beer. This truly was an amazing day for four hours in the saddle on a great road ride, but knowing that this most likely was one of the very last beautiful days we'll see for awhile is a little hard to it up yall!

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