Monday, May 5, 2014


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Last Days? Nay!!

Word on the streets is that Motordome is the team(I'm lobbying for a change to Club status) to watch in 2012. We are like the Where's Waldo of the Portland cycling world. We're just waiting for the others to let down their guard. Just ask Hazel.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Joel Metz dislikes sunny cyclocross races, and other news!

Yeah, that's right. It's a fact. And Pao Gasol sucks the blood of babies for sustenance. A double fact. What could be more true, you ask? Well, there was a small showing of unprecedented chick to dude team racing today. "What the fuck did that even mean?!", you blather? Ha, I am quite ready for your helplessly confused retort. Today, 4 blindingly amazing ladies and 3 standard run of the mill studs were out in force for Motordome at the third dirty skinny tired Cross Crusade's attempt at fun.

This episode lands us in the poo riddled fields in Sherwood. It was all you could ask for. I, on the other hand, always want more. (Can I get a good leather recliner and a damn TV tray?) But I digress. Today, Tad, Max, and I unleashed our standard brand of soul-crushing bike handling skills as well as some memorable faces of serious pain riiiiiiiiiigghht about 100 feet from the start/finish tent. Christina, Kim, Erin, and Rachel made us proud with their efforts as well. Christina was getting some double cheer action as another Christina(not as cool, I'm sure) was within a bike length or two for some time. Bonus heckle! Max was done before we showed up, but was smiles as usual, ready to accept a beer or two and take over the daunting task of holding down our formidable mascot, Godzilla. Tad and I both got in some solid placements in the top 20. Kim and Erin both ran their first ever bike races, which makes me look like a twit, cuz I was murmuring about how it'd been like a 350 days since I last raced(yeah, WSI? a four hour alleycat? Not a race? TWIT!). And while Erin pulled out because of her still lame ankle, it was a good thing and helped break up the tightness so she could recover quicker. Genious! Kim got her two laps and puked in the process. Take that poo fields! Rachel, damn. Just goes and goes. Solid in the A's again. Always good to see her and Ira out there. Bigger smiles can't be had.

If I had been manning my camera like I was gonna, I would've had a shot or two, but I had a beer in my hand like I should have.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Number One Team Member

Just letting everyone know how awesome my Dad is. And just pointing out that he is the most legit racer on the team. Riding as the cyclist in a team triathlon in McCall, Idaho. I'm really proud of my Pop.

From the quality of this photo , you may not be able to make out the subtleties of this awesomeness. Always race with a Leatherman

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wir werden euch begraben

Seeing that the only Motordome business this summer is bike tours, I thought that I better start writing about the upcoming euro trip that I've been "planning" and will commence in under two weeks.

As some may know, I've been away and pursuing the academics at a liver bursting, beer gut expanding pace. Leaving Portland in February, I spent the rest of the winter in sunny Chicago land while the rest of the northwest enjoyed an unusually warm late winter (I know because everyone I could possibly know in the Northwest called to tell me about it). Chicago turned out to be quite good to me. I had to miss the end of the Blazer season but I made some good friends and I'm sure Motordome made some new fans.
...moving on..after two months in a class room in Chicago, it was off to Germany, Bavaria and weissbier...moving on my way to being an applied biochemist (that sounds pretty technical, huh?)... the end is in sight.

With the end of July approaching comes the end of school and the rekindling of an old relationship with my bike. Months before I left Portland I had planned on biking Europe. no big deal. I invited everyone I knew or even sort of knew, and as the time went on, I was convince that I'd be rolling solo. However, two of the best dudes ever have pulled through and decided to get lost in the Alps with me; Buggy, the Motordome team bike mechanic and all around dirt-bag and Topher (Chris), first mate, ship's bosun and all around scallywag.
I have no idea where we are headed (probably over the mountains.) I'll keep you posted.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Remember that time when we were AWESOME! Yes, yes I do.

Though I hate to embarrass any member of Motordome, I'm totally stoked that we were able to hook Damian up with a modeling gig for Ibex. Check it out at, and now... for a limited time as our Motordome fp banner!

I got a phone call from The Man, hey Michael, do you know anyone that wears a size Medium jersey and has a messenger look to them. The real deal, none of the poser shit. Hmm. Let me think about it, yes, yes I do... At least Damian didn't have to fly to Durango for this. I mean, who would actually enjoy going to Durango on the most epic mountain bike adventure of all time with a photographer, to get some product shots. Hmm... not me... Or you, right? Or anyone in their right mind. I'm not jealous at all, in no way, whatsoever, nope. Not me.

In other related new, Motordome has been extended an invitation for 2 days and 3 lovely nights in the resort town of Hood River... soon as we fix that radiator. A faraway land where beautiful girls promise to cook you delicious dinners and show you a night on the town. A place where photographer friends tell you, come, park your rig in the lot downtown, and I'll open up the studio for any accommodations that your 1974 Dodge Shasta might not afford you during your overnight stay. It will be a recon mission of sorts, of breweries, for Bobby. Yes, we're going, for Bobby, that's really the only reason... this all for Bobby, strictly work.

Because everyday you put off going to Hood River, is another day you're not in Hood River.

Will this lead to another granny attic slumber party with Home Movies... heaven help us if it does. Seven minutes in granny attic heaven!