Sunday, October 17, 2010

Joel Metz dislikes sunny cyclocross races, and other news!

Yeah, that's right. It's a fact. And Pao Gasol sucks the blood of babies for sustenance. A double fact. What could be more true, you ask? Well, there was a small showing of unprecedented chick to dude team racing today. "What the fuck did that even mean?!", you blather? Ha, I am quite ready for your helplessly confused retort. Today, 4 blindingly amazing ladies and 3 standard run of the mill studs were out in force for Motordome at the third dirty skinny tired Cross Crusade's attempt at fun.

This episode lands us in the poo riddled fields in Sherwood. It was all you could ask for. I, on the other hand, always want more. (Can I get a good leather recliner and a damn TV tray?) But I digress. Today, Tad, Max, and I unleashed our standard brand of soul-crushing bike handling skills as well as some memorable faces of serious pain riiiiiiiiiigghht about 100 feet from the start/finish tent. Christina, Kim, Erin, and Rachel made us proud with their efforts as well. Christina was getting some double cheer action as another Christina(not as cool, I'm sure) was within a bike length or two for some time. Bonus heckle! Max was done before we showed up, but was smiles as usual, ready to accept a beer or two and take over the daunting task of holding down our formidable mascot, Godzilla. Tad and I both got in some solid placements in the top 20. Kim and Erin both ran their first ever bike races, which makes me look like a twit, cuz I was murmuring about how it'd been like a 350 days since I last raced(yeah, WSI? a four hour alleycat? Not a race? TWIT!). And while Erin pulled out because of her still lame ankle, it was a good thing and helped break up the tightness so she could recover quicker. Genious! Kim got her two laps and puked in the process. Take that poo fields! Rachel, damn. Just goes and goes. Solid in the A's again. Always good to see her and Ira out there. Bigger smiles can't be had.

If I had been manning my camera like I was gonna, I would've had a shot or two, but I had a beer in my hand like I should have.


  1. beer in your hand like you should have. well done, twit

  2. A beer was in hand but the real distraction was the cute girl *wink, wink*