Monday, May 24, 2010

Remember that time when we were AWESOME! Yes, yes I do.

Though I hate to embarrass any member of Motordome, I'm totally stoked that we were able to hook Damian up with a modeling gig for Ibex. Check it out at, and now... for a limited time as our Motordome fp banner!

I got a phone call from The Man, hey Michael, do you know anyone that wears a size Medium jersey and has a messenger look to them. The real deal, none of the poser shit. Hmm. Let me think about it, yes, yes I do... At least Damian didn't have to fly to Durango for this. I mean, who would actually enjoy going to Durango on the most epic mountain bike adventure of all time with a photographer, to get some product shots. Hmm... not me... Or you, right? Or anyone in their right mind. I'm not jealous at all, in no way, whatsoever, nope. Not me.

In other related new, Motordome has been extended an invitation for 2 days and 3 lovely nights in the resort town of Hood River... soon as we fix that radiator. A faraway land where beautiful girls promise to cook you delicious dinners and show you a night on the town. A place where photographer friends tell you, come, park your rig in the lot downtown, and I'll open up the studio for any accommodations that your 1974 Dodge Shasta might not afford you during your overnight stay. It will be a recon mission of sorts, of breweries, for Bobby. Yes, we're going, for Bobby, that's really the only reason... this all for Bobby, strictly work.

Because everyday you put off going to Hood River, is another day you're not in Hood River.

Will this lead to another granny attic slumber party with Home Movies... heaven help us if it does. Seven minutes in granny attic heaven!


  1. Three is a crowd, or it's juuuuuuusst right. Man, recon missions. Shit's gonna be fun.

  2. The seven minutes isn't gonna be heaven without me, but at least you are doing it for me. Damian, that photo is blowing my mind.