Monday, November 23, 2009

Mud and pancakes and split pea soup and coffee and miller high life and cutting pumpkins in half with my front wheel and dogs and more mud.

Yeah. Well. A big fuck you to the sunshine.

During my race. Well. The wind was blowing hard. I was always in a head wind. And it was pouring rain. As my father would say. Like a cow peeing on a flat stone.

There was mud.

And waterfront property.

Tad made delicious pancakes. (Not in photo). That Damian prepared. Buttered. Syrup'd. Fed me. Delicious. I made some epic split pea soup. (Also not in photo). That Damian burned. Ahem. Saved from burning. Well, I actually enjoyed the little hunks of burned heaven. You know who else is a little hunk of burned heaven...

And the epic magnetic bumper that has not only drove a $40,000 coffee mug from Sweet Pea Bakery in Portland to the Hillsboro Cross Crusade, but now took my bitchin' new front wheel for a ride from Kruger's on Sauvie all the way to North Portland. Glossy! Or would that be. Ahem. As the kids say these days. Glossin'!

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