Monday, October 19, 2009


It was wet. It was muddy. It was fun. I skipped out before the downhill portion over near Lewis & Clark College. I figured that if three of the eight carbon spokes on the Spinergy were going to crack after a grand total of maybe five miles since owning them - that I'd better head home. In related news, I dropped the rear Spinergy (the one with stripped freewheel) off with Clint at 7 Corners. He knew the Spinergy wheelset from previous seasons and referred to them as cursed, which is exactly what they are. Cursed! I think I hate this wheelset and the guy that sold them to me more than my neighbors cat that shits in my yard. A special thank you to the guy from Tireless Velo who sold me a $100 wheelset, I mean $100 set of tubs, I mean $122 set of tubular tires as it also cost me the registration fee for the Cross Crusade at Rainier (as I'd not had time to test ride the wheels), I mean $142 dollar set of tubular tires as it cost me the Rainier registration and also gas money to get out there. 

Thanks!!! guy from Tireless Velo - you're top of the pops, the bees knees... well, anyway, I am unleashing Toddy Danger, that's right... TODD mother f***ing DANGER, What's up now, JERK! Consider yourself the target of the best heckler around! What is this? A warm-up lap? Hey, you're behind a tandem. Two tandems actually, and they're holding hands! Chump!

Noise Ride 2009, wet, muddy, fun, ok, got that covered.

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