Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cross Crusade #2 Rainier, Oregon

New term for heartburn, Bio Mechanical. Thank Heyzel for that one. Genius.

Ok, so last week at Alpenrose I bought a set of Spinergy tubulars. Got them in good working order. No. Not really. The freewheel skipped like a son of a gun when climbing. I've had it. I hate cross. Cross can suck it. When does track season start. I decided to pout and eat donuts and drink coffee and sit inside the Motordome. The Motordome being a sanctuary of warmth - the furnace turning out a cozy 72 degrees while the outdoor temperature hovered around a cool 39. Cross can suck it.

Damian then volunteered me for Kiddie Kross. Hey River City, you spelled Kross wrong. Kross can suck it too. Working the kiddie barrier - where you try not get in the way of crazed helicopter parents and try to help the wee ones over the barrier - it takes a discerning eye to figure out which kids DO want and which kids DON'T want help getting up over that monster. It's a frantic fifteen minutes with one heck of kiddie logjam pileup at the barrier. It'd be hard for you too if the barrier that you adults had to deal with came up to about where John Howe's sugar shorts end. Ok, the Kiddie Kross actually was the best part of the day, because when a six year old gives you a heart felt thank you, it's f***ing precious. The most adorable thing ever happened as well, a very, very tired and out of breath five year old looked me in the eye after I helped lift his bike over the barrier and said, in the most tired voice I've ever heard, "Thanks, this... is... hard..." Kid, you don't even know. Kriss Kross can suck it.

Bobby was very sick today. I told him not to race. He went hard. He should have stayed put. I think he is dead.

Cross can suck it. When does track season start? I hear it is Wizarding season, perhaps I should do that instead... James? Can I wizard?


  1. thank you griz. i think that was the best account of the day that i could've received. its rare that you laugh aloud while you read something.

  2. is there clydesdales in track?

  3. I heard somewhere that sucking it is the new black. Or is it brown. or is it pink. Or is it black....

  4. You think that photo of Corndog is overexposed do you? Well, that's f***ing dust. Dust haze of a summers worth of fertilizer and nasty stuff sprayed on the high school lawn... Any wonder why all of us are congested.