Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blind Date Again

Enough people inside the Motordome to cause it to list to the right. Maybe we need new shocks? Maybe we need to distribute the weight a little better.

Alpenrose Blind Date, 9/30/09

Rachel and Gideon and Griz were out racing today yesterday and things went pretty well if you don't ask Griz. But who cares about him?

Alpenrose Blind Date, 9/30/09

Rachel looked good on a recon mission of the course and was smooth as was Gideon. Sunday should be good. Griz got screwed by my brake job as planned and removed himself to the comfort of our booing/cheering section. I will have it repaired by then buddy, or you can use my bike.

Alpenrose Blind Date, 9/30/09

On an important note, one of the Team S&M dudes in the B category was putting on a show. On the first lap I noticed a wreck over the one barrier before the runup, and thought that it was ridiculous to fall on one barrier with fresh legs. On the next lap he rode over it, bonking the rear up and over, falling out of the pedals, and then quickly righting himself to ride up the runup. We were stoked. Then on the next lap, another try at bunny hopping. He clipped the front wheel, face planted, and catapulted his neon green Major Jake about 15 straight up. He popped up right away and grabbed his mangled ride and ran back to attempt it again and wrecked, then ran it. That episode sent the heckler corner into a frenzy. We love this guy. He even faked me out when he saw me run to get a photo on the next trip by running it, followed a lap later by an intentional headlong dive over the barricade.

Racing is fun, but this is why we love cross.

See y'all Sunday! We leave at 8 from Sweet Pea.

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