Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cross Crusade opener at Alpenrose Buries Many, with Cupcakes!

Thanks to Sweet Pea Bakery, we received what looked like a couple hundred tiny vegan cupcakes to hand out to the masses, and also a rad breakfast before we headed out. We also got some air pots from Coffee Plant for some fresh Stumptown Coffee in the Motordome. We love our sponsors.


Our force for the day consisted of Griz, Corndog, Bobby, Glenn, Charlie, Danger, Kim, as well as Joel, Will, and Tad. We had good support from a dozen or so friends who managed to make it out a little later in the day.

Motordome Joel and Glenn

There was a good 15% more racers this year, and Candi reported around 1,440 racers with results, so more probably registered. We had six team members race the Singlespeed Category, and Rachel raced Women's A Category. We thought we might have to heckle ourselves as practically everyone who came with us was racing Singlespeed and Men's B, but with Motordome's seemingly endless finances we were able to pay people with cupcakes to be there for us, to make us feel worthless and thereby try to race harder. It's a proven technique I hear.

Bobby gets the first kit Rachel

We had the Reverse Podium Shovel out, and we were about to use it, but our DFL result was correctly switched to a DNF and the shovel stayed pretty for one more day. All in all our results were right where we promised they would be, maintaining our promise of no expectations. Three who shall remain nameless(unless you check OBRA for results, I had the names corrected) took three of the first five DNF's. We're kinda like the Kona crew, but without all that tough winning. We also are all about a foot shorter than them. Todd raced his way to an impressive 80th on a borrowed bike, with pretty much no training rides, on what probably amounts to a one beer per mile ridden routine over the summer. He was edged by Glenn in at 75th, who rode in just in front of Joel. I had what seemed like 17th, but was adjusted to 18th. I'm hoping for a number call up next week. I felt, like many, that my starting position will greatly change things next time. I'm hoping for a top ten Cross Crusade finish this year, and never getting lapped by Trebon. On that note I suggest a new term: Treboned-1). v., to be lapped by Ryan Trebon in a cyclocross race. 2). v. something else.

Damian Sweet Pea is rad

Considering Bobby and Charlie were both wrecked out and Bobby's crank was busted, the day went well. Rachel was racing after we got done with our race and we were there to cheer her and others on, and ended up placing 19th. We implemented the wave and helpful shouts of, "Go Timbers!" or "Go Blazers!". It clearly worked as there were lots of smiles showing as racers passed by. We enjoyed grilled salmon, brats, and some special beverages as the sun came out to warm things up a bit.

All in all, we had a blast and are looking forward to next week when we head to Rainier. Maybe this time we can use the shovel.

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  1. I'm going to make an effort to make it to Rainer since it's just over the hill from me.