Monday, October 12, 2009

Ten Action Photos from Rainier

So my camera only got ten pictures, but it's a sequence so it's totally badass.

Team Motordome

And also there was some racing and breathing heavy amounts of pollen. Shit, it was awesome. Man, there was this school that was pretty good sized. Damnit if you could just see it, it was great. There were swings and people. There were people swinging on swings. And there were bikes going around. Crap! I really wish you could see them. It's kinda blurry. A little dusty. Okay maybe a little more dusty than I just said. Damn, I mean, it's so great. Oh and this guy is falling into some bushes. His face looks kinda upset, or maybe just tired. Maybe he just always looks this way. You might know him. Jeez I'm trying really hard here. I took some pictures in my head. God, they're soooo good.

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